WowCracy raises €25k in seed funding

The Milan and London based fashion crowdfunding startup, WowCracy, obtained €25k from Club Italia Investimenti 2. It is incubated in NanaBianca incubator

wowcracyWowcracy, a London, UK-based fashion crowdfunding startup, raised €25k in pre-seed funding.

Club Italia Investimenti 2 (CII2) made the investment.

The company intends to use the funds to increase its marketing and communication efforts.

Led by Lucas Vigliocco, Andrea Gulisano, Marco Torello and Davide Tronzano, Wowcracy defines itself an ”Endless Fashion Week” where fashion designers and brands can constantly showcase their new collections and to connect with the fashion community in real time. Its (only) fashion crowdfunding platform allows designers to upload their projects and pre-sell their creations to finance the production phase.

The company has been incubated within Florence-based NanaBianca since September 2013.


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