The 69 startups selected by Italiarestarts Up (from Aenduo to X-Metrics)

The list of the most promising startups in Italy that, thanks to the Italian Ministry of Economic Development and the Italian Trade Agency, will be meeting with foreign investors on December 9 and 10

Two days for Italian startups to meet with international investors. Two days during which, for the first time, institutional organizations will be providing an occasion for innovators in Italy to grow in Italy, even if it is with the aid of foreign capital. In Milan, next 9 and 10 December about 30 investors from all over the world will get acquainted with our ecosystem thanks to Italiarestarts up, an event organized by the technical offices of the Ministry of Economic Development and the Italian Trade Agency, who are promoting the internationalization of Italy’s businesses. The Ministry noted that hundreds of startups responded to the call. And, out of these, 69 were selected by a commission that was created for the event.
Any Italian startup that has been active for six years, has already received financing, and with a development plan of at least 800,000 euros could participate in the selection. The goal: to attract large investments (in jargon, rounds B, C and beyond. No seed investments.) that will help startups born and grown in Italy to continue to expand their growth potential.
The Italiarestarts up Commission
The commission that chose the 69 startups was made up of a representative of the Italian Trade Commission and three Italian venture capitalists (Andrea Di Camillo, Claudio Giuliano and Massimiliano Magrini).  They evaluated the solidity of the projects and the feasibility of the proposals. Some startups are well known in specific sectors. For example, Brandon Ferrari, a new entry among the millionaires, or Gnammo by Gianluca Ranno, and Sardex by Carlo Mancosu, which continues ahead with leaps and bounds. Among the FinTech startups, there is Cryptolab, one of the finalists of Smart Money. There is also Mangatar, who not only have we written about, but we also host a blog by one of its founders Raffaele Gaito.  Others everybody knows, like Eataly Net, 60% stakeholder of Eataly by Oscar Farinetti, and which covers the technological development of the company. Others are yet to be discovered. Here below is the complete list.

The chosen startups
Many of them are on the list of the 40 Italian millionaire startups, published on our site in October. And others, are on the list of Italian exits. The diversity of the sectors on the list is notable (from digital and media to health, from food to music, from ICT to software). The diversity may be predictable given the scope of the event but it still evidences the variety that Italian startups have consolidated. Of the 69 startups:
– 42 are from northern regions (22 from Lombardy, 9 from Piedmont, 7 from Veneto, 4 from Trentino)
- 20 are from central regions (7 from Tuscany, 5 from Emilia Romagna, 4 from Lazio, 2 from Marche)
- 7 from the south and the islands (1 from Puglia, 6 from Sardinia).
This is the first time that an event of this sort has been organized in Italy.

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