9 steps for a successful startup

Your startup could become a successful business. Shawn O’Connor on Forbes discloses 9 steps to follow at the aim to turn your idea into a going-strong business

1. Identifying a need in your (broadly defined) community


2. Identifying, utilizing and developing your talents and skills


3. Studying the market through market research 


4. Maximizing operational efficiencies


5. Balancing a new business with a day job


6. Targeting your audience


7. Seeking a mentor 


8. Operating globally 


9. Proving your business’ ability before expanding


Re-blog from Forbeshttp://www.forbes.com/sites/shawnoconnor/2013/10/08/step-9-for-a-successful-startup-prove-your-business-first-expand-later-2/

Pinduoduo è il nuovo gigante dell’e-commerce cinese

L’app di Colin Huang, fondata nel 2015, ha registrato la crescita più veloce della storia in Cina. Meglio anche dei rivali Alibaba e JD.com. Il segreto? Puntare su condivisione digital e aree rurali