Kiunsys, mobility innovations

Kiunsys, a new startup that offers mobility solutions for the citizens of the province of Campobasso. Parking Spot Sensor and INeS Cloud are the most popular


Cities aren’t born smart they become smart. And the young people behind Kiunsys know that. They have been offering for years solutions to municipalities for innovative management of “all of the things of the city”. Anything that regards mobility, from the control of limited traffic areas, to parking, to access to urban centers, and the acquisition of tickets for public transportation. They are solutions that promise to render the jungle of urban traffic, if not perfectly ordered like the English countryside, at least a little more rational.

From Naples to La Spezia, from Verona to Pisa, the Kiunsys projects all start at Campochiaro, Campobasso. The headquarters opened here in 2011 within the Incubatore Sviluppo Molise which today hosts 16 startups dedicated to advanced services. Kiunsys works on mobility. And its solutions cover everything. For example, there is the Parking Spot Sensor, a wireless sensor that can find empty parking spots with an internal apparatus that reveals the temperature. If no spots are found it is wise to look elsewhere. There is also INeS Cloud that is, instead, a suite of software modules.

They offer an incredible variety of solutions to control and manage many aspects of the city. It can authorize, manage and identify vehicles, control parking, ZTL authorizations and refusals, advertising spaces, tow zones, occupation of public spaces, tourist flow, as well as monitoring occupied parking spots, flow of traffic, and eventually even sanctioning passes, expired tickets, refuse that has not been collected, and urban maintenance not completed.

It is a load of options for managing and controlling all wrapped up in this software that “diffuses internet to all things of the city”. A total of 200 menu voices and 100 analytical reports, but the projects are different. Here is a list. In short, internet of everything, as was stated during the presentation of the company during the Pisa Internet Festival last October 10. The market for the internet of things will surpass 309 billion dollars by 2020 according to the latest Gartner report. This is an immense land of opportunity and growth and development.

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