Spark The Milan Charter

#SparkTheMilanCharter is a workshop session with more than 100 Innovators (students, startuppers, policy makers, NGOs, academics, etc..) that will gather to define guidelines/ideas on how digital technology can ensure the right to food for future generations.

The event, held at the EXPO Conference Centre on September 28 with the participation of Maurizio Martina, the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policies, will offer up to 6 different parallel workshop session, mixing Italian and International attendees.


The table workshops will cover three main themes:

Main Themes

– Smart production systems for food safety and traceability
– A new, shared awareness: the role of internet and technology in food education

– Rethink, regenerate and reuse: the future for sustainable economy
– Overcoming the digital and data wall: technology for all

– Technologies to enable the water, food and energy nexus
– Empowering the value of biodiversity through technology


During the day, the Innovators will work with special facilitators to enrich the Milan Charter and create an output that will be shared with relevant institutions and political stakeholders.

“L’Amaca” di Michele Serra | Se è dagli istituti tecnici che nascono i progetti del domani

Per rispondere alla provocazione di Michele Serra sulla differenza tra liceo e istituto ricordiamo qui i ragazzi che hanno inventato robot sommelier, quelli che stanno realizzando la prima barca a vela al mondo con la stampa 3D, e quelli che sperimentano modelli di casa domotica. Provengono tutti dagli istituti tecnici