Easyboat: the customize boat for camping

“It was a challenge between friends, then a company was born”. Gps Easyboat, the unsinkable boat for camping, is a “baby” of Massimo Giacon

Gps Easyboat When folded up it is the size of a surfboard. It is assembled like a tent, and in just 5 minutes you have a 3.5 meter-long boat. Gps Easyboat is a gem of a design created with artisan know-how. It is a fold-up boat that is easy and safe to transport.

47-year-old Massimo Giacon from Padua who is a designer with a passion for camping patented the idea. And it was precisely during a camping vacation when this idea came about, when he imagined carrying along a boat just like a tent, something that could be unfolded when needed. “I did nothing more than accept a challenge made between friends. I never thought it would become a company but that’s how it went”, explained Giacon.
He made the first drafts in 2009 and then the first experiments and water tests in 2011. Today, Easyboat is a product that offers three models (250, 300 and 350) made of modules that can be assembled and bundled. The company is a classic example of a diffused production network (nothing is actually made on location, but the materials provided by suppliers are assembled there).
This foldable boat is made of aluminum, waterproof plywood, and PVC material typically used for inflatable rafts. When folded up it is 60 millimeters wide and 2 meters long. It weighs between 27 and 60 kilos (depending on model) and the price varies from between 1,000 and 2,000 euros. It is a great idea for those who love fishing but don’t buy a boat because of high maintenance costs – though Easyboat can eventually also have a motor mounted and be docked in harbors.
In the video it is shaken, attempted to be capsized, and even jumped on while in water. No luck. “Easyboat is unsinkable”, explains Giacon with satisfaction. And Rina, a certification system for boat safety, has also certified it. It can navigate with winds up to 4 knots per hour and resist waves up to a half-meter high.
Everything can be personalized on Easyboat. From the keel to the number of foldout chairs one wants on board. It is an innovative project that aims at, above all, the market for sport fishing enthusiasts but can also be used for the tourism industry. The small boats, in fact, are perfect for crossing canals and small rivers that are present throughout Italy, offering the possibility of new and alternative itineraries for the more adventurous tourists.

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