Startup in Italy: 124 memorable facts of 2013

Exits, fundings, events, competitions, incubators, accelerators and everything you have to know about the year of startup in Italy

2013 startup
A year is made up of 365 days and every day lots of things happen – we have chosen just over one hundred, some of those that represent the startups that were the protagonists of 2013 in Italy. They are definitely not all of them; the ferment was such that we cannot presume to have caught everything even if our watch was vigilant. And, it wouldn’t even be fair for us to unilaterally decide the fundamental steps of this movement that developed independently and that, above all, managed to involve all who were near them. And we want to do this too, hoping that this list becomes something that you help us construct as well, telling us what you think is missing, what should be taken off, or whatever.
StartupItalia! is an editorial office, of course, but not only. It was created to give a voice to startups, to give visibility to young people’s (and not so young) effervescence in the face of an economic crisis that they would not let depress them, so that others could read about some good news too. It was created to let the actors of this sector communicate with each other, so they would not remain alone with their successes, their failures and countless uncertainties. It was created to form a community, to exchange ideas and create new ones. So this is how the timeline should be as well, which begins terribly imperfectly (I beg your pardon) but, which I hope will not remain just the timeline of StartupItalia, an online magazine that talks about startups, but that it becomes a timeline for all of the startups, startuppers, incubators, accelerators, investors and journalists who helped create with their efforts, day by day, these very events.
Thanks to everyone and good luck!
JANUARY: Two accelerators open in Milan and Trento. 100,000 euros for Tykli
Gennaio 600x400
8 JanuaryExitReality buys Koinup, the video hosting startup from Brescia founded by
Pierluigi Casolari and Edoardo Turelli. Now it will allow the English company to expand into the virtual sector
9 January: Mind The Seed with the scope of investing in startups that go through the MTB programs
15 January: Thanks to Starteed, Wehangit, the startup from Brescia, managed to obtain 5,900 euros for Tonki – an ecological frame for photographs
18 January: Who are the winners of TechGarage Rome? WeTippAppEatIt and VMS ME
21 January: The ING DIRECT Italia award for startups: Tykli from Turin wins the grand prize of 100,000 euros for a semantic system that facilitates data research.
25 JanuarySimplicissimus Book Farm obtains 2.5 million euros in funding. It is a distribution platform for ebooks that also offers digital solutions for publishers
25 January: The guide for startups by InfoCamere and the Business Register go online at 
28 January: ADmantX closes its second round of financing with a total sum of 1 million euros. The startup supplies semantic solutions for brand advertising campaigns
28 JanuaryTrento RISE launches Techpeaks – The People Accelerator, the acceleration program for startups
29 JanuarySpeed MI Up, a new incubator-accelerator for startups is created in Milan
31 JanuarymusiXmatch obtains 3.7 million dollars in funding. The startup that put karaoke on smartphones, uses the funds to open offices in Asia and New York
FEBRUARY: Startup Initiative begins with 10 startups. Buongiorno takes a share of H-Farm
3 February: Creactives, a startup that supplies semantic applications, obtains 1 million euros in funding. It will use the funds to expand operations, particularly through social media
3 FebruaryH-FARM Ventures and Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia join together to create Contaminations Lab. The goal is that of uniting the academic and entrepreneurial worlds
11 February: Buongiorno obtains a part of H-FARM Ventures capital. This way the company can also acquire what it needs for the future opening of its b-ventures incubator
15 February: Finale of the Leonardo Speciale Startup award proclaimed by the Ministry of Economic Development and the ICE Agency 
27 February:  Intesa Sanpaolo announces the Startup Initiative. 10 startups are chosen to go before investors  
MARCH: 5 million dollars for Decisyon. Mediaset launches Ad4Ventures
4 March: Decisyon obtains a line of credit for 5 million dollars. The startup based in Stamford offers software solutions for enterprises and has Italian Franco Petrucci among its founders.
12 MarchiCoolhunt, the startup that maps photographic trends, obtains 500,000 euros in seed funding. Based in Pula, a province of Cagliari, it was founded by Luca and Alessio Morena
14 March: Mediaset launches a new venture capital fund called Ad4Ventures
18 MarchRocket Design gets 150,000 euros in seed funding. The startup inspired by rock’n’roll was founded by Luca Bregoli and Marco Fanelli and sells its products in over 70 countries
20 March: Codemotion runs from 20 to 23 March in Rome. Programming is an art. The two founders, Chiara Russo and Mara Mazzocchi, know this well and put their hearts into it, as well as their heads
20 March: The Roman Sportube Webtv receives financing for 500,000 euros. Founded by Bruno Stirparo, it allows users to watch various sports matches for free
APRIL: 6 million for Jusp, Innogest opens up to startups with 40 million euros. Working Capital launches 3 accelerators
3 April: 6 million dollars for JUSP – Plug and Pay, the mobile payment system. The startup will use the fund to launch its product in Italy and expand into Europe
4 AprilINNOGEST opens up to startups and launches a venture capital fund of 40 million euros
11 April: Le Cicogne, a Roman startup for babysitting, founded and run by women, obtains micro-seed funding for 50,000 euros. The financing will be used to expand operations
12 April: Space Challenge Apps calls to Rome all who are interested in developing apps regarding space research 
16 April: Hackathon to create solutions for the Universiadi Invernali in Trento 
17 AprilPrincipia SGR likes soccer and invests 1.5 million euros in Bangbite, a startup that develops games. Gianpaolo Cattenari and Paolo Barberis announce that they will use the funds to expand abroad
26 April: The three accelerators of Working Capital in Rome, Milan and Catania are launched 
28 April: Micro-seed funding for 27,000 dollars goes to Catania based PhotoSpotLand, a system for travel photography. The goal is to obtain 100,000
MAY: Vertis launches a VC fund. Codemotion flies to Berlin 
05 maggio 600x400
9 MayCodemotion Berlin is held from the 9th to the 11th. Romans Chiara Russo and Mara Marzocchi export their coder event to Germany
22 May: Vertis SGR launches a new Venture Capital fund. 60,000 euros to be invested in digital and scientific startups
24 MayBulsara Advertising, a startup that works in non-conventional communications, receives an investment of 350,000 euros from Filas and LVentures
28 May: Fortuna Vini is about to get 125,000 euros. The round is still open. The startup’s founders Gianmatteo Rizzi and Marco Perin want to expand to the UK, Russia and Germany
JUNE: it’s the month of the startup of the year
06 giugno 600x400
3 June: 30,000 euros in seed funding for Netlex srl – Scollatevi dalle scrivanie ed avvicinatevi ai clienti, the omnipresent law office. The three co-founders will use the sum to begin operations
4 June: Startup of the year goes to PNI Cube: Niso Biomed, 15 seconds for a personal diagnosis in locating stomach tumors. Paul Muller is the founder 
16 June: Crest Optics obtains 400,000 euros in equity funding. The bioscience startup of Vincenzo Ricco will use the funds for creating new products to launch on the market
19 June: 700,000 dollars obtained by ProxToMe, a proximity application for social networks founded by Carlo Capello and Andrea Motto
24 June: A new Venture Capital fund opens: it’s called Programma 101 in honor of Olivetti. It is created jointly by the Italian Investment Fund and Azimut Group
25 June: In Roncade, in the province of Treviso, there is a startup worth 250,000 euros: it’s 20lines and allows users to create stories collaboratively
27 June: 400,000 dollars obtained by Chupamobile. Semyon Dukach likes the startup by Agiolas and De Santis that makes it possible to buy and sell source codes
28 JuneThingarage wins the Filas Fame Award. At Innovation Lab, instead, LeeviaWallet Saver e Makoo make classification. 72 hours for 4 winners at the Rome event
JULY: a hot month for financing startups
07 luglio 600x400
1 JulyPrincipia SGR invests 2 million euros in Im3D Clinic Sud, a startup specialized in oncological screening. The company was founded in Turin, but it is expanding in southern Italy
1 obtains 3.5 million euros in financing from Principia SGR. The startup, already present in Spain, is a platform for finding catalogs
3 JulyUnited Ventures puts one million euros into LOVEThESIGN, a startup leader in online sales for Italian home design. The team of young and enthusiastic people offers competence and innovative applications to a sector that has excellent growth margins in Italy. These are the elements that convinced us to invest in LOVEThESIGN. 
9 JulyPolihub makes 9th place in the most important classification for entrepreneurial university incubators in Europe. “We are very happy about this recognition that arrives at a moment in which Polihub, an evolution of the Enterprise Accelerator of the Politecnico, is expanding its activities, with the goal of becoming a true startup district”
9 July: 4 million euros for a Ca’puccino. The catering startup obtains the financing from B4Investimenti and will open new sales points
15 JulyD-Share, a startup located between Milan and Bari, obtains financing of 1.8 million euros. The mission is that of supplying digital solutions to media enterprises and, thanks to this fund, they will improve their services
15 Julyweekendagogo obtains 450,000 dollars in financing. The startup from Naples by Andrea Elestici will use the funds to expand the community and launch its platform
17 JulyEquidam obtains 60,000 euros from equity crowdfunding. The startup that monitors company trends was founded by Gianluca Valentini and Daniel Faloppa
17 JulyAerialClick wins the Kublai Award! The startup by Augusta and Gaetano Massari now wants to grow 
18 July: Investors like bikes and finance  MikyWay with 720,000 euros. They want to develop an online community
19 July: Sardex, the “social” money system founded by Carlo Mancosu, wins in Europe. The Sardinian startup is chosen to represent Italy at the European Business Award 
22 July: The top three startups in the StartupItalia competition are: TIMEREPUBLIKFree FuToolHenable
22 July: Buongiorno launches b-ventures in Parma where Italian and European startups will be incubated
23 JulyCocontest, crowdfunding for interior design, obtains 200,000 euros in seed funding
23 July: Klikkapromo obtains 1 million in equity investments from Bincot. The search engine for finding discounts in discount stores intends to use the funds to launch its new solution “billboard shopping”
23 JulyLOVEThESIGN obtains 1 million euros in financing. It will use it to consolidate its presence on the Italian market and expand abroad
24 July: Principia chooses Tacatì. Michele Padovani, partner of iStarter, obtains 1 million euros from SGR 
24, e-commerce for food&wine, receives 1 million euros. The financing comes from Principia SGR and will be used to expand internationally and to develop the product
29 July: Tower Light was acquired by Generac Holdings. The sum agreed upon for the acquisition was not disclosed. The team will follow the startup
29 July: PanPan obtains 300,000 euros in seed funding from a business angel. The application that permits people to ask questions to others in the vicinity is available on Android and iOs.
30 JulyPersonal Factory srl – L’Autoproduzione in edilizia obtains 2 million from a Venture Capital fund. The startup created by Luigi and Francesco Tassone intends to use the financing to enlarge
08 agosto 600x400
4 AugustAffareDelGiorno obtains financing of 1.1 million euros from Principia and Digital Investments. The platform collects discounts and coupons from food stores
5 August: Technological development, young entrepreneurship, curiosity, the desire to take a risk – an initiative is created for young talents under 35 to launch 15 startup projects over 3 years with 3 million euros in investments from the Mecenati Fund of the Italian Department of Youth 
12 August: Another 600,000 euros for PanPan, the startup from Catania that permits people to ask questions to those in their vicinity
25 AugustPathflow obtains 130,000 euros in seed funding from H-FARM Ventures, Club Italia Investimenti and Working Capital. The startup will use the sum to develop its product
26 August: Chiesi Farmaceutici buys Zymenex, a Danish company in the biopharmaceutics sector
09 settembre 600x400
5 September: Pointstic, a mobile platform that helps merchants increase their clientele, receives 600,000 dollars from Xandas New Media Ventures and I-next Ventures
19 September: The measure #DestinazioneItalia is put into act: the fund of all funds returns
27 SeptemberGips_tech, gps for internal areas, wins Techcrunch Italy. Matteo Faggin: “After this wonderful adventure the world around us has changed” 
OCTOBER: Rome is capital of the Makers, SMAU in Milan. Digital Magics the first certified incubator
10 ottobre 600x400
3-6 October: The new Maker capital? It’s Rome! The Maker Faire takes place and over 30,000 people participate 
8 OctoberRcs MediaGroup opens its doors to startups with Digital Magics. The goal: to germinate 15-20 startups over the next year 
9 October: RetAPPs gets 350,000 euros. The startup in Brescia that supplies mobile solutions for merchants obtains financing
14 October: Emisys Capital SGR launches a fund destined for PMI for a total of 150 million euros
18 October: Agreement reached between Expo 2015 Milano and Enit, promoted by MiBAC for the creation of the digital register of hospitality structures 
19 October: 5 startups are selected for AppCampus at the Politecnico di TorinoGamePixMangatarShooter Assistant Training AnalyzerArtGurujotURL are the chosen ones who will go to Finland
21 OctoberVertis believes in organic food and finances Chef dovunque with 1.2 million euros. The startup will use earnings to expand abroad
21 OctoberWisocial, wifi personalized for clients, and BESTIACCE, the new way to adopt cats and dogs, are the two winners of the first Pitch Day by b-ventures. On November 4 they will begin the incubation period
22 October: The startup from Bologna Angiodroid, which works in the medical technologies sector, gets 900,000 euros in funding from IAG e Zernike
23 October: Here are the winners of Smau Milano: Check-App, Flighttech Italia, U-Hopper, Spillover. The prize is 10,000 euros (convertible in legal assistance) and participation in one of the stops of the Smau 2014  Roadshow 
24 OctoberDigital Magics obtains the status of Certified Incubator for innovative #startups. It is enrolled in the special section of the Business Register for enterprises of the Chamber of Commerce of Milan, which offers financial services and logistical support for innovative startups 
26 October: The first overview of the #startup sector in Italy is presented. Who’s who of the Italian startup ecosystem is created. Some notable data: 1,227 innovative startups in Italy, 97 incubators and accelerators, 65 coworking spaces, 110 million euros invested
26 October: Facebook Hacknight in Rome: Stamplay wins. The goal of the 24 hour event is to put startups and coders in contact and it was a winning challenge 
28 October: Absolute winners of #bootstrapMovieReadingwiMAN e JoinJob.
They take home a Citroen. Seven, instead, receive honorable mention
29 October: Second fund for Ambienta, PMI that operates in the environmental sector. It receives a sum of 147.2 million euros
30 OctoberPrestiamoci reinforces its technical team for maximum development of its platform thanks to financing of 550,000 euros received from Digital Magics
30 October: Winner of the StartupBus Competition is Aiden, a support application for people affected by depression. The tour is concluded at #Pioneers13 where buses arrive from all over Europe 
31 October: The winners of the National Prize for Innovation 2013 are: Optosensing, Ecolumiere, AnyMaker and On-Iris. This was the conclusion for the startups that arrived from the regionalstartCup in Genova for the finals
31 OctoberSgnam, platform for ordering food online, obtains 50,000 euros in investments from Club Italia Investimenti 2
31 OctoberDigital Magics invests in Prestiamoci, the only Italian startup to have a license from the Banca d’Italia as a holding company for the management of a platform for loans between people. Total financing is 550,000 euros
NOVEMBER: World competitions see a lot of red, white and green. Best exit in Italy
11 novembre 600x400
1 November: The winner of Pioneers13 is BabyWatch, an application that monitors a baby during the prenatal period. There is an Italian among the top eight: EmpaticaMovym, instead, receives the community award and the PR package offered by Piabo. Italy also participates in Vienna in creating the “European Startup Community”
5 November: Steve Ballmer, CEO who is stepping down from Microsoft, visits Rome to talk about startups
7 NovemberIntoino conquers Istanbul at the Webit Expo & Conferences. “Everyone can become inventors” is the motto of the #startup by Marco Bestonzo that freely transfers the Arduino code
8 NovemberFunambol obtains funding from the Harbert European Growth Capital Fund. The total sum has still not been disclosed, but it has been declared that it will be used for market scalability of the startup at an international level
9 November: 1 million euros is the financing given to Wise, Italo-German startup that operates in the biomedical field
13 NovemberCoRehab, the medical startup in the physiotherapy field, wins the EIT Awards in Budapest. Founder David Tacconi: “The next step: sell one hundred articles of our product and find 15 distributors”
14 NovemberTalent Garden opens in New York. The Italian co-working group was chosen by the U.S. city as one of the most innovative startups in its competition. Davide Dattoli: “New York is a challenge for me, I want to try what seems impossible”. The response? “Congratulations! You’ve been selected”
19 November: obtains financing of 400,000 euros from Digital Magics. The #startup works on e-commerce in the Health and Beauty sector. Massimiliano Masi, founder and CEO: “Now we can really grow”
20 November: Clovis Oncology buys Ethical Oncology Science for €350 million. So Silvano Spinelli, founder of EOS and serial scientist-startupper, celebrates the biggest exit (for now) in the history of Italian startups
21 NovemberOrange Fiber is among the most creative startups in the world. The Italian company of Adriana and Enrica conquers Copenaghen at the Creative Business Cup with fabrics derived from orange peel fiber
22 November: Davide Dattoli: “We did not win the first prize but the experience was unforgettable”. Talent Garden is awarded its prize as one of the most innovative ideas in the competition held by the city of New York. The proposed project entailed opening a co-working space for international startups looking to work on the U.S. market
27 NovemberGyroSd, the startup for centaurs by Marco Vigliar, wins Techgarage.
“It was the first competition we participated in”. Gianluca Dettori: “Startups are the new Rock’n’Roll”
27 November: The most beautiful magazine for children is Italian. It’s called Timbuktu Magazine and was founded by Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo. It wins the London Digital Magazine Award 2013 for the Children’s category
28 November: Wearable Light Exoskeleton wins the Gaetano Marzotto award that proclaims the builders of the future as enterprises for the future. A team of three people wins 250,000 euros for the project to create a wearable exoskeleton for workers, with potential use by 20 million workers
DECEMBER: European Commission says Yes to Italy. 360,000 dollars for a 26-year-old’s startup 
12 dicembre 600x400
5 December56cube invests 110,000 euros in Intertwine, a collaborative multimedia publishing platform. Tesone, CEO of the southern Italian incubator: “The thing that impressed me the most was the determination that only those who truly believe can have”
6 December: “It is a smashing victory”. This was the comment made by Stefano Firpo, head of the Technical offices of the Ministry of Economic Development regarding the OK received by the European Commission for fiscal incentives for those investing in startups
7 December: CharityStars by Francesco Nazari Fusetti wins the 360by360 Competition and gets the prize of 360,000 dollars. He will use the money to expand in London, Dubai and Los Angeles
9 December: 16 Italian startups fly to New York for the NYC Market Accelerator organized by VentureOutNY. Their testimony and the lessons they learned
10, the Florentine startup for e-commerce in the food&wine sector, obtains 50,000 euros in seed funding from the Club Italia Investimenti. It will use the sum to expand its team and improve its marketing campaign
11 December: Three initiatives for startups are presented at LUISS ENLABS by Zingaretti; a total of 31 million euros for young talents
11 DecemberGoPago by Vincenzo Di Nicola is acquired by Amazon
12 December: The five winners of Switch2Product by Polihub: G!3D, Poip, ThingK, Fluxedo, Oh my cook
16 DecemberWowcracy, fashion crowdfunding startup, obtains seed funding for 25,000 euros from Club Italia Investimenti. Incubated by Nana Bianca, it will use the funds to improve its communications and marketing strategies