Italy, a great country for american investors

14 italian startups and 20 venture capitalists and international investors: this is the first day of ItaliaCamp in the United States

UsaCamp - Fabrizio Sammarco  Now things are really getting serious. The international mission has begun for ItaliaCamp: it is called USACamp and a delegation of the best Italian startuppers has just been sent to participate at the first barCamp to be held at Wall Street. The mission will last until 4 March and will move between New York and Washington, but it is this evening when the 13 selected startups will present themselves at America’s temple of finance. 14 projects by Italian enterprises with high potential for growth in the Telco, Internet, Life Science and Green markets will be put before American investors and venture capitalists. The startups are:AthonetSemplusTaggaloOsvehicleHypertvCloudesirePick1EmpaticaOrange fiberEximAbielI-EmCasalifeOffgridbox. And Riccardo Luna, Editor of StartupItalia! and CheFuturo!, will moderate the event.

«It is a unique occasion – emphasized Fabrizio Sammarco, president of ItaliaCamp – with this trip sustained by all of our institutional and business partners, we will try to present our Italian talents to the rest of the world in order to look beyond the crisis, give a different image to our country and try to start over precisely with our excellence».
It starts at 18, with a welcome by Marco Michele Gentile, Riccardo Maiolini, Giada Palma, and Michele Centanni. At 18.30 things begin: Riccardo Luna will give the go ahead to start work with an opening speech by Alessandro Castellano (CEO Sace). Protagonists of the first  corner AthonetSemplusTaggalo andOsvehicle. Andrea Prencipe (Full Professor Economics and Management of Innovation, Department of Business and Management) will comment on the first ideas together with Luna.
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HypertvCloudesire and Pick1 will be on stage for the second corner. Guido Fienga and Cliff Friedman (Fienga: Strategic Advisor Highbridge Principal Strategies and Head of Strategy & Media – A.S. Roma, Friedman Managing Director Highbridge Principal Strategies) will comment on the ideas presented and their real opportunities for business.
For the third corner, EmpaticaOrange fiberEximAbiel will have their moment on stage. At this point, Francesca Chaouqui (communications expert Ernst & Young) will speak on her views about ethical finance, innovation, and investments.
I-EmCasalife and Offgridbox are the startups of the fourth corner. At 19.30 Riccardo Luna will present two Italian examples of excellence: Ecce Customer, the Italian startup that won the first edition of the “Your idea for the country” competition by ItaliaCamp. At this point, Riccardo Luna and James Pallotta (Chairman & Managing Director Raptor Group, Executive Board Member Boston Celtics, President A.S. Roma Football Club) will close the plenary session and open the Pitch Session. Andrew Cuomo, Governor New York, and Fabrizio Sammarco & co-founders ItaliaCamp will all intervene.
UsaCamp - gruppo fondatore Wall Street


There are for macro-themes according to which the new companies were chosen: Telco and hardware, Internet Software and Big Data, Life Science, Green and Cleantech. In the first section, hardware and telco, are Athonet (which promotes private telecommunications networks based on compact and transportable, thus flexible, wireless technology) and  SemPlus (a recognition system for tablets and innovative mobile apparatuses, multi-touch, applicable to electronic consumption devices), and Taggalo (the app that permits advertising return at a screen level).
The following were selected for the software and big data section: ClouDesire (which allows software producers to sell and distribute their application sin clouds in just a few minutes and manage all of their commercial activities and marketing essential to business with simplicity, avoiding costly investments in hardware infrastructure and training), Hyper tv (the platform that permits the use of applications on a second screen, on smartphones and tablets as well, with the goal of automatically recognizing the content reproduced on the first screen, the television, and synchronize the two apparatuses), and Pick1 (for the creation of publicity campaigns).
For life science: Abiel (a spinoff from the CNR and the University of Palermo, specialized in the research and production of lytic enzymes that can destroy pathogens, and are useful in cell therapy and regenerative medicine applications), Orange Fiber (which produces cosmetics to enrich the skin), Empatica (which measures a person’s emotions every instant of their day with a software that is capable of supplying the user with continuous feedback in order to improve their quality of life), and Exim (Exoskeleton in Motion – which proposes a flexible biomedical exoskeleton aimed at those who have spinal lesions or neuromuscular deficits).
For cleantech: I-EM (solutions for the management of energetic efficiencies), Offgridbox (a box for clean energy that supplies a house with electric and thermal energy), Casalife (which monitors domestic pollution levels), and Os vehicle(whose project is based on the realization of the first open source network for the creation of vehicles).

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