Cerchiamo partner, soci, giornalisti, per costruire insieme European Valley

Lanciamo qui una call pubblica, in Italia e in Europa, per costruire un sito di informazione europeo per raccontare le startup e l’economia digitale del Vecchio Continente

Startups are not a bubble. Startups are here to stay. Startups are job-creators, are open labs for never ending innovation, and are a powerful engine for solid economic growth.

Dattoli Luna

Davide Dattoli e Riccardo Luna sul palco di StartupItalia! Open Summit

Since 2013 the EC has indicated startups as a priority implementing several important actions in order to build a real ecosystem. In 2015 the Digital Single Market (DSM) has become one of the pillars of the new Commission: having a DSM of around 500m potential customers is a necessity to move from startups to scaleups.

Now we need to build a digital common information platform for european startups: a place where to find real-time updated news from each Member State; deep analysis about economics, investments, deals and exits; insights and data for investors.

In two words: storytelling + intelligence. You can call it a daily newspaper. Or a super-blog. We did it in Italy! It is called StartupItalia!: in less than three years we’ve found a business model, a stream of revenues, a growing community and a solid reputation.

Now we want to try the next step. To build European Valley. In 3 years. Not alone. Never. But by putting together all the best editorial experiences already going on in each member States to create the reference point for tech news in Europe.

This is a call for partnerships. The first one is with Talent Garden (TAG), a startup that in three years has built the largest digital coworking network in Europe. They are alreday building, on a different level, what we dream to build. Now we wish to find many more partners: tech journalists, blogs, editorial projects. We are open!

And this is a call for investors. We aim to close a first round of investment by the end of January, 2016. Several investors from different Member States, already showed interest in the project. But we are totally open to proposals. We perfectly know that EuropeanValley is a Big Dream. But we know also that the time to try to achieve it is now!

That’s why we will try to join our assets with the best possible partners.

Riccardo Luna (StartupItalia!)
Davide Dattoli (Talent Garden)
David Casalini (StartupItalia!)
Antonio Perdichizzi (Tree)
Alberto Luna (StartupItalia!)
Rasa Strumskytė (Talent Garden)
Here to apply

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