Spreaker on air in the USA

The startup that won recognition at Microsofts BizPark, seals a deal with Clear Channel, the world’s biggest radio company. The future holds independent music

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A made in Italy start-up that allows anyone to become a radio DJ by using the Internet or a smartphone. It was born in Bologna three years ago and today has offices in San Francisco and Berlin with 2 million registered users. Just under three weeks ago, it was awarded the prize of best European start-up at the Microsoft BizSpark Summit in Berlin by a jury made up by international Venture Capital funding. «The participants were a thousand» highlights with pride the CEO and Spreaker founder Francesco Baschieri, from San Francisco.

However, this app for Internet and smartphones, which allows you to create and share audio content and radio shows, doesn’t stop there and announces a further step forward. «We have sealed a partnership with Clear Channel, the biggest radio company in the world: it will allow our users the possibility to go on their digital platform, which has more than a 180 thousand users».

More specifically, Spreaker will collaborate with iHeartRadio, Clear Channel’s streaming platform. The aim of the collaboration is to give users signed-up to Spreaker the possibility to transmit their own shows via the new iHeartRadio Talk service. They will feature alongside celebrities the calibre of Ryan Seacrest, Glenn Beck, Mario Lopez and news features such as ABC News, Wall Street Journal, Fox Sports and the Huffington Post. In other words, all the users signed-up to Spreaker can send their own shows to iHeartRadio staff and if approved will have access to the vast public this platform enjoys. «The world of radio and media is changing rapidly and today it’s really possible to share ideas, opinions and be listened to» adds Baschieri.

Enormous markets are opening in the United States. «This partnership – Baschieri makes clear – is mainly tied to the world of talk radio but in future we don’t exclude extending it to independent music as well». Translated this means, giving «artists and bands the possibility of being featured on a distribution platform that has 805 radios in the United States, 180 million digital listeners and 240 million listeners just in the USA».

These are significant numbers, which underline the power of Spreaker, a project «which since the beginning has tried to bring within everyone’s means the world of audio and radio. However, we don’t believe that a playlist management system such as Pandora and Lastfm could work. Radio today is made up of much more: information, talking, personalities and a DJ».

Spreaker is considered one of the Italian flagship start-ups. «Yes, but who knows what will happen in the following years. Just three weeks ago Microsoft nominated us as best European start-up. We have been awarded but we won’t stop». In the meantime, the following months work is geared to the mobile. «As well as opening up to independent music we will work on a new mobile app for Android so bringing it up to the level of those for iPhone and iPad. By the end of the summer, we are counting on having the first release for Windows Phone 8».

Spreaker on air negli Usa from StartupItalia! on Vimeo.

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