Milan Coworking Voucher

The Council contributes EUR 1.500 to whomever chooses to work in one of 24 accredited CoWo locations. The total budget is EUR 300.000

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There are 24 co-working sites accredited by the City of Milan and the Milan Chamber of Commerce: those who choose to work in these sites are eligible for a voucher of up to EUR 1.500. The City of Milan and the Milan Chamber of Commerce have, in fact, set aside a EUR 300.000 fund for the purpose of promoting co-working in the city following the model found in other European metropolises. The vouchers are still available and will be issued until the fund is exhausted: just download the form from the “Bandi aperti” section on the City of Milan website.

From the hyper-technological space offered at Via Stefanardo da Vimercate, 28 – dedicated to professionals working in IT and innovation – to that in Via Bramante da Urbino, 39, where music is king and a new recording studio has been fitted out for artists and composers. Then there’s the site in Via Simone d’Orsenigo, 18 aimed at women who want to reconcile their work and career through the building’s nursery and other services, including laundry facilities and home deliveries.

In Via Ventura, 3 – in the heart of the Lambrate quarter – two co-working facilities are available for those working in the communications sector and for those working in the design and production of corporate videos, motion graphics, design and multimedia installations. In the same quarter, on Via Lambrate, 11, facilities are available aimed at architects, artists and graphic designers. On Via Paolo Sarpi, 8, on the other hand, you will find a hub entirely constructed from ecological and recycled materials, aimed at start-ups and projects aimed at sustainable development.

«Each of the 24 spaces already accredited by the City of Milan and the Milan Chamber of Commerce», explains Councillor Cristina Tajana, who is responsible for Labour Policy, «is characterised by a specific field of vocation, able to support networking among professionals, as well as the development of synergies and new planning skills. The autonomy of every co-worker is guaranteed, thus incentivising the use of existing structures within the city itself. The goal of this experimental initiative is to support an organisational approach to work in Milan that has already been proven in other major European cities – an approach particularly appreciated by the young and by professionals interested in expanding their design and work networks. Furthermore,” Tajani adds, “this is also an approach to working practices chosen by many people who have been thrown out of the market by the financial crisis and who, together with their peers, can take advantage of the best opportunities to get back in the game».

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